selim bassoul refugee camp lebanon

Relief Oven for Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon accommodate around 1.5 million families, out of which 80% are women and girls. On a normal day, they spend their time searching for wood to be able to prepare meals for their families. The foundation created a unique multifunctional oven. Beyond cooking, this appliance can charge a cellphone through heat transfer, without using electricity. The goal is to free women and girls to seek employment and education.





A Silver of Hope for Refugees in Turkey

Turkey ranks between the top three countries with the highest number of refugees. Among several challenges, refugees battle unemployment, low or lack of income, even hunger. To alleviate their struggles, the Bassoul Dignity Foundation sent over multifunctional stoves. These ovens reduce to a minimum the amount of wood needed to prepare a meal on fire. Not only that, but they also allow them to boil and sanitise water, along with charging phones through heat transfer instead of electricity. The organisations hope that their actions bring back some optimism to the refugees.





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