It's not about where you came from.
It's about where you're going.

Step by Step Process

Together Come back and become a mentor or pay it forward to someone else. We are a family and a community ever growing.
The first step is getting to know each other. This is the stage where we access and conduct interviews to determine how we can help.
Set the path and assign a mentor. This is where we work together to make a plan for your future. We define what you’d like to do and assign a mentor that will be with you every step of the way.
Training and Education Here is where the work begins. Whether its the path of education or work, your mentor will introduce you to the right prep combination of training and education.
Your Interviews We provide you not only with the skills to perform at an interview but the clothes and resources needed as well.

Our Ecosystem


Selim A. Bassoul (born February 1957 ,18) is Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of The Middleby Corporation, a leading developer and manufacturer of commercial cooking equipment and food processing/packaging equipment. Appointed as of January 2001,1, Bassoul is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and leading the senior management team.


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Training Program


it takes a village.

We rely on the support of our friends and mentors to fuel our training program.

This includes
  • On Location Training in Commercial Kitchens
  • Classes on the Business of Life
  • Mentorship Relationships
  • Resources and Educational Materialst

@Baron Funds Investment Conference

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